About P3 Overseas Education

P3 Overseas Education

Licence number 280/IC under Punjab travel regulation act 2014 Approved and Registered company from Punjab Govt.

P3 Overseas Education Consultants is an authorised Consultancy firm Licence number 180/I.C for Study Abroad, established on 2nd July 2018 at Zirakpur, Punjab, India. Our expertise lies in giving shape to a thought , extensive probing and elaborate counselling that allows a student to take more informed decisions on where and what to study.


About P3 Overseas

One afternoon in June 2018, a group of girlfriends were having lunch at a quaint café when the conversation turned to the parents who spent their lives building their children career and do not even hesitate to spend large amount of money for their foreign education. And then the conversation turned the table for starting up a consultancy who focuses mainly on the foreign education sector.

We also offer our service for visa counseling, admission guidance, course selection, pre departure briefing, travel arrangements and airport pick up. We provide guidance regarding not only education in various countries such as UK, Australia, Canada, U.S.A, New Zealand, Singapore , South Korea , Dubai and Europe but also Tourist visa for number of countries.

We are a team of enthusiastic women who have expertise over the ‘Education System’ prevalent across the globe and have also experienced all the ups and downs in international education of particular countries and have now got such experience that their guidance for upcoming students would be the best in the industry. We strive to be the best visa advisors globally.