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P3 Overseas Education Consultants is a leading career-focused immigration consultancy in Zirakpur. Since our establishment in 2018, we have remained committed to offering expert counseling for academic and professional growth to our valued clientele. Our dedicated team consists of efficient and highly trained counselors and visa filing experts who work relentlessly towards achieving success.

At P3 Overseas Education Consultants, we take pride in providing top-notch assistance to clients seeking reliable immigration consultants in Zirakpur. Our mission is to guide individuals on their journey to a successful career and a brighter future.

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Business Immigration

Business immigration is a growing area of immigration law that covers work visas, investor visas, and employment-based green cards.

Skilled Immigration

Skilled immigration, also known as economic or high-skilled immigration, refers to the process of allowing individuals with specific skills.

Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is a program that allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor a relative for immigration to Canada.

Study Visa

A student visa is a government-issued document that allows a student to study in a specific country for a specific time period.

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